Crowdstack allows you to Build And Monetize A Community Fully Owned By You, With All The Tools You Need To Build, Manage, And Engage Your Community. More

Relying solely on social media to reach your consumers is risky and not very effective.

You are competing with so many other posts, pages and groups for the attention of your customers, and you may lose 90% of your reach in one algorithm update.

With the Crowdstack Community Platform, you can magnetize your audience by giving them a place to interact with each other (and you).

You own the data, set the rules, and benefit from a deeper understanding of what they think and want. You also get a huge SEO boost as they post evergreen content around your brand.

Whether you are a company with customers, an association with members, a non-profit with donors, or a university with alumni/students, Crowdstack is designed to be the place where your audience engages with each other and YOU.

This is where all of your dynamic, user-generated content exists.

Best of all, you control the experience, fully branded in your brand style, and have all of the tools you need to manage the content and members of your Crowdstack community.

A Sleek Modern (Mobile Friendly) Online Community Platform To Increase Loyalty And Drive Audience Growth

Crowdstack is guaranteed to look great on every device, with no loss of features.

Your Brand, Your Rules, Your Data

Crowdstack is a breeze to customize. Follow your brand guidelines, in terms of look and feel. Organize content to suit your purpose and vibe. Customize your theme, header, and footer. Add your own custom domain, and add your own custom CSS to suit your style.

Generate Income By Selling Premium Access, Membership Subscriptions, And Exclusive Content

Looking to monetize your community? If your goal is to generate revenue from your community, the built-in premium membership system offers a turnkey way to designate premium features or content and charge whatever fee you like.

You decide what features and content you want to make premium, as well as the rate to charge. Crowdstack Pay is the processor that collects the fees from purchasers and passes on the revenue to the Crowdstack sites.

Easily Manage Your Crowd

Crowdstack makes it easy to maintain and build your audience, with tools to segment your members by role, assign permissions, track activity, send messages, and more.

Keep Everyone Engaged

Crowdstack supports engagement on many levels– from blogging to discussion topics to surveys, calendar events, resources, and private messages. Enable all content types, or just the ones you prefer.

Set Up Automation Rules To Remove The Tedious Repetitive Tasks And Perform Thousands Of Different Customized Workflows

Automation rules allow you to perform thousands of different customized workflows, with their own conditions, triggers, and actions

Crowdstack is your space, where your audience posts content, converses, participates in surveys and events, and more. It’s a compliment to your main site, an SEO magnet that augments your brand and amplifies your reach.

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