Crystal Ball goes beyond the data by automatically annotating your existing analytics information with hidden patterns, metrics and insights – supporting your marketing strategy at every stage. More

When it comes to marketing, figuring out what’s working and what’s not can start to feel like a game of Clue. (“It was the retargeting ad… on Facebook… with the candlestick?”)

You can look at analytics graphs all day, but it can be hard to remember what actually happened around those peaks and valleys.

What if you could automate the tracking process and get a clear view of analytics reports without all the guesswork?

Behold, our Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball is a predictive marketing tool that empowers your marketing strategy with deeper insights from automatically annotated data analytics.

Give your data a powerful context with annotations that keep you on top of your marketing strategy.

Using Crystal Ball’s Chrome extension, you can check your annotations directly in Google Analytics reports, including support for GA4 and Universal Analytics.

Annotations simplify your data analysis, so you can see exactly what’s causing any spikes or dips in traffic.

That way, you can understand the impact of marketing campaigns, dev updates, press, holidays, and more.

Thanks to Crystal Ball’s automation, you don’t have to keep your eye on Data Studio all the time to track your reports.

You’ll get automatic annotations on events and actions on your dashboard whether you’re online or offline, so you never miss an important moment.

To discover what marketing initiatives are working, you need to remember what they were—and when you tried them. (“Please. My desk is already covered in sticky notes.”)

Crystal Ball saves you hours of decoding with automated insights that give you all the context you need to run your next successful campaign.

Get lifetime access to Crystal Ball today!

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