Enhance Gmail and get your Google Inbox features back with DarwinMail. This secure inbox tool aims to help you be more productive when dealing with emails and to-dos. More

Managing all your emails can feel like fighting an uphill battle where the hill keeps growing. (“Many hours were lost in the Battle of Inbox 54,952.”)

With all the work you put into your business, you don’t have time to organize your bloated inbox email by email.

If only there was an email tool that let you sort, filter, and perform bulk actions right from your inbox.

Evolve your inbox with DarwinMail.

DarwinMail is a fast and secure email tool that lets you email from multiple accounts and set up reminders, snoozing, and bulk actions, so you can increase your productivity.

DarwinMail allows you to seamlessly connect multiple email addresses to a single account.

Not only can you send mail from different accounts, but you can also track all your email to-do lists from one place.

So you’ll never have to worry about logging into all your different email addresses to get work done again.

And as a bonus, you can also set up custom signatures for each of your email accounts.

That means your business email can sign off with “Best wishes” and your personal Gmail can end with “So long, and thanks for all the fish.”

You can seamlessly manage multiple accounts by sending from multiple aliases and creating custom signatures

With DarwinMail, you can decide which emails you want to see without having to sort through a ton of literal junk.

Create rules to automatically categorize your emails based on your needs, so you can sort emails into specific bundles to help you stay focused.

That means you easily sort things like your grocery shopping into your Purchases bundle and filter all the email notifications for your Goodreads account into your Social bundle.

Best of all, you can also create unlimited custom bundles to organize the more miscellaneous parts of your inbox.

Create reusable templates, so you’ll never rewrite the same email ever again

You’ve come a long way since your first email address (do NOT hit me up at [email protected]), but your inbox habits are still stuck in the past.

DarwinMail lets you level up and manage multiple email accounts more effectively with reminders, bulk actions, snoozing, and more!

Spend less time dealing with inbox shenanigans and more time growing your business.