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Generate leads, Engage users and Support customers with Dashly

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Dashly for leads generation, engagement and support.

Increase the number of leads and sales from the website

  • Live chat for sales

Communicate with your visitors from all channels in one place.

Get more meetings, speed up your sales.

  • Visitor tracking

When visitors come to your website, don't lose them.

Convert into customers!

Dashly collects all your visitors' data and keeps it in one place.

No coding needed to start tracking.

  • Personalized messages

Use the data collected to communicate personaly with your leads.

Triggered messages recieved at the right moment increase conversions rates.

Boost customer engagement using In-App messaging and campaigns

  • In-app messages

User may have some difficulties with your product.

Be proactive, send triggered messages to help users get the maximum value out of your product.

  • Email campaigns

Continue communication with your users via emails.

Tell them about the coolest updates, new articles and just remind them about yourself.

  • User data

See the whole user journey inside your product to know when the trial is over or the subscription is canceled to react quickly and retain users.

  • Analytics

See how users activate in your product and use new features.

Funnels will show you conversion rates on every step of user joyrney.

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Improve customer satisfaction

  • Live chat in your product

Respond instantly so that users enjoy every moment with your product.

  • Inbox for support team

Messages from all your leads and customers from all channels are in one place.

Receive and answer them right from the Inbox.

  • Knowledge base

Create articles about the most important settings in your product and publish them in Dashly.

  • Team performance report

Monitor the most important metrics of your support team like the response time, team workload, the number of questions solved and so on.

Improve your support team based on data.

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