DataMask helps to blur images, scramble text and take website screenshots. It opens screenshots in online editor by default where additional editing can be performed. More

By using DataMask Chrome browser extension, you can quickly blur, scramble, edit, or remove sensitive information on live websites before taking a screenshot.

It is also possible to integrate DataMask extension with a web image editor to mask data in screenshots after they have been taken.

Using the DataMask extension, bloggers, journalists, teachers, marketers, designers, customer support and online sales professionals can quickly hide sensitive information on websites and take screenshots or video recordings without revealing personal information.

Whether you are a freelancer or an employee of a large company, it offers you the opportunity to save time and meet privacy regulations, so you can work on your projects without having to worry about it.

Automatically scramble all text and images

It automatically applies blur to image elements and replaces text with random characters

One click screenshot capture

Capture a screenshot of a visible website area with a single click

Emphasize parts of a website with blur

Draw blur rectangles on top of the website content to emphasize certain parts of the page in screenshots

Edit text, change font size and hide UI elements

Perform minimal editing on live websites to adjust content for perfect screenshots

Online screenshot editor

Apply final touches to a screenshot with an online image editor. You can also use the editor to edit images online from your local file system.

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