Deskera is a full-featured platform that lets you manage accounting, payroll, invoicing, email campaigns, CRM, and more. Giving you a real-time view of your business. More

“Step right up! Watch as one company juggles tools for payroll, invoices, accounting, CRM, marketing campaigns, and so much more!”

Balancing dozens of business tools at once can make you feel like a circus clown.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce an internationally-acclaimed platform backed by Naver, Cisco, and Jungle Ventures that effortlessly combines all the business processes you’ll ever need.

From the get-go, the dashboard is where it all comes together, giving you a real-time view of your business.

You can view invoices, receivables, bank balances, and tax calculation, plus check how your sales team is performing and how much revenue they’re raking in.

There’s even space to see salary liability, employee attendance, and claims/reimbursements.

Deskera has it all front and center, with a 2020 Webby Award Honoree-winning mobile app that handles every desktop feature with ease.

From the dashboard, access a complete overview of your business, from invoices to sales pipelines

All you need to do is catalog receipts, invoices, payments, and product sales, while Deskera takes care of compliance and reporting behind the scenes.

You can also create and send invoices in no time via your phone or laptop, using an included template from the app or customizing your own.

Easily create and email invoices with a Stripe link for quick payment

The online CRM lets you manage sales and support processes with no hassle.

Use the online CRM for tracking leads, managing sales, and evaluating your pipeline

Schedule campaign launches and track your stats with detailed analytics, including open rates and click-through parameters.

Easily process payroll and get electronic pay stubs, plus detailed payroll reports

Deskera gives you accounting, marketing campaigns, payroll, a CRM, and tons more, all rolled into one value-packed platform.