You’ll be the first to know when your websites are down with DownNotifier, the service that will continuously monitor your websites for errors! More

Be the first to know when your websites are down with lifetime access to, the service that will constantly monitor your websites for outage or other errors!

With this deal you can pay once & use forver; you’ll have access to the premium package that offers 1 minute monitoring intervals for fast notifications so you can take actions immediately, you can configure multiple recipients for the monitoring alerts, as well as SSL certificates expiration & correct configuration monitoring.

You will never be too late to renew your SSL certificate again!

Post data to our API

Use our API to post any data you might want:
server metrics, sales data, KPIs, etc.

View reports

Get a graphical overview of your data.
View historical data.

Get alerts

Set your alerts: get an alert when your metric is over/below a value for a chosen period. Or when it is not updating.

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