Duply helps you generate your marketing content, ads, email, social media, or any repetitive design visuals faster More

Duply is the next-generation AI-powered Content Generation Platform powered by a revolutionary new deep learning algorithm. It helps you create your marketing content, ads, or any repetitive design visuals faster than ever before.

Creating images & videos for marketing and content is slow and takes a lot of time, especially when generating repetitive design.

For a company, marketing, and design communication mostly means needing to ask the designer to do a small revision, which is not effective. Use it to generate visuals automatically.

Design the template once and generate it automatically; it enables you to scale and manage images and videos smarter & faster.

How Duply Works

1. Design – Design your Template so it can be reused.

2. Set Dynamic – Set your dynamic parts that can be updated.

3. Generate – Generate your design results easily. You can choose between URL, Form (CSV), API, or Integration.

4. Result – Get your result.

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