By utilizing the power of music, the Earworms puts useful Spanish words and phrases into your head. It really works! More

Bored by conventional teaching?

Learn Spanish with Earworms MBT, an innovative method designed to get you speaking and thinking in Spanish from the outset!

Earworms MBT (Musical Brain Trainer) is based on the science behind catchy songs that stick in the head: the music acts as a catalyst for the memorization of words and anchors the new vocabulary deep in the long term memory.

Listening to melodious music puts users into a relaxed state of alertness, the ‘Alpha state’ the ideal condition for learning.

The sound patterns of melodies, with rhythmic repetitions from a mesmeric male voice who speaks the English and a native speaker for the target language, ‘worm’ their way deep into the memory, permanently burning into the aural cortex — an area of the brain from which words can instantly be recalled.

In this way, essential words and phrases will literally be ringing in the ears, making the learning of a new language effortless and enjoyable.

Each course comes with an integrated phrase-book that contains all the words and phrases spoken, plus the phonetic sounds of the word.