Eazy Plugin Manager is the ultimate plugin management tool for WordPress administrators. It brings together all your installed plugins in one place, allowing you to administer them with ease. More

An effective way to manage WordPress plugins

Eazy Plugin Manager is an easy to use plugin that gives you complete control over your WordPress plugins.

It helps you organize and maintain all your plugins in one place, making sure they are up-to-date and providing you with a quick way to turn off plugins on specific sites or all at once.

Feature highlights

The best way to navigate your plugins is to use the fast navigation feature.

Fast navigation allows you to navigate your plugins quickly, without having to reload the page. It’s very easy to use: just click on the plugin name, and you will be directed to the plugin page.

You can search for your plugins as you type.

The plugin manager will automatically search your plugin list as you type in the search box.

You can use the bookmark plugin to organize your favorite plugins.

You can organize your plugins by categories and bookmark them. You can also use the bookmark plugin to install your favorite plugins with one click.

Eazy plugin manager lets you see exactly what’s going on with your other plugins.

You can track installations, activations, updates, deletions, and deactivations to keep your plugin activity in check.

This is especially helpful if you have a lot of plugins installed and need to know which ones are active or updated.

The Download Plugin feature lets you download any of your installed plugins from your WordPress plugin area in a single click, which can save you time if you need to reinstall a plugin or want to keep a local backup.

Finally, the Plugin Thumbnail feature shows the thumbnails for all of your installed plugins so you can easily find the one you need without scrolling through long lists of text.

The Pro version by Eazy plugin manager includes awesome features like malware protection, plugin vaults, speed and performance controls, etc.

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