Whether it is a question bank of questions or an exam question, Edustart helps you create a website that contains all your content in an organized manner. More

What if you could create and share a website that contains all your content in an organized manner? Now you can do it with EduStart.

With Edustart, it’s easy to create a digital question bank or exam bank of questions. We give you control over what is on your website and how you organize it.

Using this platform you will be able to create a website which will allow you to digitize question banks, exam banks, and mark them automatically.

All-purpose solution

The EduStart platform provides tutors, parents, experts, teachers, schools, training centers and companies with the ability to create their own websites where they can digitize exam banks and question banks and mark the questions automatically.

Easy to use platform

You can easily organize exercise tests and practice online by theme to create an environment where students can learn and achieve their highest potential in their final exams or training courses.

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