Analyze your user’s feeling in real time and get more leads

Getting feedback needs to be fun and profitable!


Emojics is one of the best ways to engage with your users and learn from them, collecting feedbacks in an easy and fast way. More

We know how valuable customer feedback is to grow a business.

Customer feedback is essential because it provides you with insights that you can use to improve your product or experience.

And let's face it, emoji's are part of our daily life, we all use them.

Why, because we can convey our thoughts and emotions in a single click, who has time to type nowadays?

Not having enough time is a big reason for getting feedback and lead forms filled out is getting harder… but not anymore ?!

Meet Emojics, our currently favorite feedback tool ❤!

Now you can harness the power of an emoji superstar and collect feedback, engage and capture leads and more with irresistible emoji's.

Emojics is one of the best ways to engage with your users and learn from them, collecting and analyzing useful feedback in an easy and fast way.

With Emojics, you can analyze your user’s feeling in real time and see what content or product are liked the most by them using powerful online feedback tools: Reaction Buttons, Feedback Emoji, Email Widg.

Now you can collect feedback for any kind of product and check all the data through a beautiful and well-organized dashboard.

How does Emojics works?

Emojics helps you cross-check the user's feelings with other dozens of data to understand what works best and what needs to be improved.

You can create custom campaigns for each emoji with different interactions like Promotion Campaign, Feedback Form, Message Campaign, Lead Form or Survey etc – Just in one place.

Want to know more about the features of Emojics then scroll below to understand more about our tool:

  • Collect More Leads: Increase the number of your subscribers capturing when they like your service. With beautiful reaction buttons, you can interact with your users based on their feelings.When your users click on Smile, Heart, Like Emoji shows that they are in love with your product or your content and you have more chances to acquire a new subscriber at the right time.Customize your call to action and build high converting forms in seconds.
  • Collect More Feedback: Emojics changes the way to ask and collect feedback.People love to share their feelings but they hate wasting time. The reaction buttons make it fast and fun! You can collect three time more feedback than with a classic pop-up.
  • Analyze Feedback: Process massive amounts of data quickly with an easy-to-use interface combined with smart reports.
  • Interact With Your Users: Be able to interact with your users knowing their feeling is a huge power.
    • Promote, notify and convert site visitors with our reaction buttons.
    • Announce new sale discount or a product update or just say thank you to your users!
    • Interact with your users by customizing your message.
    • Reply with an automatic message to the user's feedback.
    • Track how many clicks you receive, analyze the user’s feeling in real time and see what content or product are like most.
  • Customize Your Widget: You can choose from over 300 Emojis with different styles and designs to customize your own widget or choose from pre-set made widgets for every kind of needs.
  • Understand what content or product is most successful: Emojics algorithm analyzes dozens of data and suggests what content performs better and engages your users more.

Get the feedback you need for your business and build better relationships and brand loyalty in the process.

Let your users give feedback anywhere, anytime, and start to get results in a matter of minutes! They guarantee this 🙂

Excellent service and solution for B2B, B2C and B2S


Pros: Through a very intuitive dashboard, it is fully possible to measure the interaction of users with the site in question, in order to collect feedback for internal improvements.

By the way, the Emojics business model is huge all over the world !!

Cons: What I recommend through my feedback is to make your platform have support for other languages and also form of payment via PayPal and Skrill (which might be a good idea to accept payments from several countries).

Overall: Great! I just had to provisionally suspend my company website due to some internal changes, but I plan to use it again as soon as I can.

Juan d. - Founder & CEO

A nice user feedback and lead generation tool


Pros: Instant real-time user feedback

Collect user feedback via emojis which is something that people are in love with so you get to see a decent response rate

Generate leads effortlessly

Works on all devices (responsive)

Multiple widgets to choose from

Powerful analytics dashboard for analysis and reporting

Comes with a free trial

Cons: You cannot trigger the widget based on the user action such as cart abandonment.

This is one feature that will make it a killer tool

Overall: I started using Emojics back in its early days when I interacted with Fabiola for a project.

And since then, Emojics never stops surprising me.

It lets you do so many things such as user feedback, lead generation, email surveys, customer feedback, product feedback, A/B testing, conversion optimization, and more.

Emojics will help you convert website visitors into subscribers and you can convert them into customers.

You can use it in several ways, explore it and see how it goes with your business model.

It all comes down to how you use this amazing tool.

Sabih J. - Founder


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