is a platform that enables you to create and publish content in record time. With Eurekaa, you can quickly create courses, books, how-to content and validate your ideas in the e-learning market. More

Ideate, validate, and create a course, book, or how-to content… in record time.

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Easily search the largest cross-platform database of online courses by topic, category, niche, popularity, reviews, enrollment, and estimated revenue – all within seconds of entering a topic.

Eurekaa includes Google trend data for a topic and an algorithm that will score the opportunity. Then, use the keyword planner to see how people are searching your topic — and the competitiveness of those keywords for evaluating your marketing plan.

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Access content from the world’s largest book repository with Book Search, served up by relevancy, popularity, and 100 other data signals.

Crank out ideas as fast as you get them with a unique content planner that keeps you flowing from first idea to a full outline.

Saved courses will show up right alongside your editor, so you can get a jump-start on your ideas by seeing what popular courses are offering that you might want to make sure you cover.

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