FaceCrop Jet is a Software that Detects and Crops Faces from Photos producing Images ready for ID Cards. It Jet will detect a Face from a Photo and it will save the Image containing the Face. More

Selecting and Cropping out the facial region from Images is a common task in organizations for the ID card creation process. This task can be accomplished using any simple image editing tools like MS Paint.

This process is tedious and becomes more tedious if you have a large number of images to process. FaceCrop Jet is a tool that solves this issue by automating the entire process. It integrates facial detection and cropping of faces from images in Bulk.

This entire process can be completed for 100s of images with few mouse clicks.

Get Perfect ID Card Photos from Full-Size Images

The output images are perfect for using as an ID Card Photo/Passport Photo as it has all required features for an ID Card/Passport Photo.

It is easy to use

There is Zero Configuration, everything is Automatic.

Batch Process Images

Photos can be processed in Bulk.100s of Images can be processed and perfect ID Card Photos will be created in minutes.

Any Image Format, Any Size

FaceCrop Jet supports almost all Image formats. You don’t need to worry about images being of different sizes, it will be handled automatically.

Set an Output Size

Once you set an output size, all images processed will be resized to this specific size.