Collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback. Turn feedback into features while sharing your product development journey with your users. More

Getting customer feedback is hard, and getting actionable insights from that feedback even harder.

FeatureMonkey‘s feedback management tool makes it easy to get real-time user input on every product decision you make. It allows you to see what your customers want next, prioritize features with a visual roadmap, and collect ideas for new products.

With FeatureMonkey’s roadmapping software, you can easily integrate customer feedback into your product development process.

By using the all-in-one solution for collecting feature requests and prioritizing features based on the results of those votes, you’ll be able to create better products that people actually want.

One unified platform to collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback

Turn feedback into features while sharing your product development journey with your users.

Collect feedback in a dedicated feedback board. Let users add ideas and feature requests, and let users vote on the best ideas. Over time, the most popular ideas will bubble up to the top, so you know what is most requested.

You can use it to collect feedback about your next features to develop, your next integrations to implement, the bugs that are running on your product, the next languages to add to your application.

Prioritize Features And Build Your Product Roadmap

Communicate upcoming features and show what you are working on and what’s next. Publish updates by changing the status of the feedback on your roadmap.

Find Out What Features Your Customers Want The Most

Prioritize resources by building features that are in high demand to users. See who requests what features and get clarity about their use cases upfront.

Announce Product Updates With Automated Email Updates

Don’t let new features go unnoticed. Send automated email updates when you launch a new feature, to show your customers that your product is constantly improving.

FeatureMonkey is all-in-one feedback management tool for building better products. 

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