Feedify is a comprehensive, algorithm-driven marketing program that gives you a host of tools to help you supercharge your website. More

Make the website your smartest marketer with Feedify, an all in one customer engagement tool for your website.

It provides out of box customer engagement tools for websites which include Web Push Notifications, Feedback across channels, Exit Intent and Campaign management with powerful customer analytics.

It comes loaded with smart algorithms & rich analytics. It helps in the acquisition of the customer, reduces the bounce rate and helps in achieving marketing automation.

Research shows that a whopping 98% of people visit a website, and then just leave after scrolling through it. 75% of those never come back.

It’s time to make your website stand out

It is a comprehensive, algorithm-driven marketing program that gives you a host of tools to help you supercharge your website.

Feedify comes with a wide range of tools, including push notification features, segmentation capabilities, exit intent, online survey builder, after sales feedback management, and offer campaigns among others.

What makes Feedify stand out from the rest of other notable web push notification services out there is that Feedify comes in a complete package.

While other services and software charge for additional tools and modules, Feedify has all the features companies and organizations need in a single and compact package.

With Feedify, users are able to reach their customers, grow their client base, and drive more sales and growth.

All In The Cloud

Being a platform hosted in the cloud, Feedify doesn’t take up any significant space in your system nor does it require you acquire and set up additional hardware and software.

Maintenance is not a problem as well since the Feedify is constantly monitored and updated by its own team of developers and experts.

This means you won’t have a problem in terms of performance and experience. Feedify promises to function seamlessly.

No lags.

No slow times.

No missed opportunities.

Every chance for monetization is maximized tenfold.

Over 4,000 companies use Feedify to power their push notification processes, a clear indication that Feedify is the real deal when it comes to push notifications and monetization.

Start to make your site smarter with this tool, the all-in-one marketing automation tool.

Feedify provides a host of tools to improve website engagement

From engagement tools and push notifications to turn visitors into subscribers, exit intent to prevent visitor fallouts, special offer and newsletter campaigns to keep visitors hooked, post-sale follow-up, and much more, It has everything you need to boost your site’s credibility and engage your customers.

  • Push notifications to turn visitors into subscribers
  • Exit Intent to prevent visitor fall outs
  • Offer campaigns to keep the visitor hooked
  • After Sales Testimonials to boost website’s credibility
  • Newsletters
  • Responsive Templates
  • Schedule Push Notifications
  • Mobile Notifications
  • Campaign Auto Responder

What Problems Will Feedify Solve?

1) Monetization of Push Notification:

Publishers/bloggers are having limited revenue channel, It helps them to have a completely new revenue channel by using Push Notification for Ads.

Showing relevant to the website subscribers gives a handsome revenue to the website

2) Re-targeting:

With Push Notification, the website can build a marketing list to which they can publish the message via Push Notification.

This helps to bring the customer on the website, thus engaging the customer better

3) Geo-Targeting & Bounce Rate:

With the Campaign Creator a website can create pop-ups using ready campaign creator.

This helps a website to show different platter of information to different users based on geo-location with tons of another targeting. Thus it helps the website to be its smartest marketer.

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