Reduce gap between you and your customers. Let’s make it easy to share feedbacks & stay updated with interesting product updates. More

CommunicationΒ Is The Key

With Feedy it becomes extremely easy to communicate with your customers.

Collect & Organise Feedbacks

Make it easy for your customers to share feedbacks with just two clicks and keep them updated with their feedback status.

Easy To Find Needle In The Stack

With help of search, multiple filters, tags & sorting methods, It’s really easy to find what you need.

Let Customers Suggest The Priority

Customers can upvote the feedbacks they want to be implemented on product to help you decide the priority.

Allow Customers to Discuss

Allow your customers to upvote, comment & discuss on feedbacks for more powerful communication.

Roadmap On Automation

As you’ll update status on feedbacks, your roadmap will be changed without any manual action required.

Simple Drag & Drop Roadmap

Want to quick update status of multiple feedbacks – Don’t worry. Just drag & drop feedbacks between columns.

Share Updates With Customers

Pushed something interesting ? Share it with your customers in just one click & maintain your changelog.

One Click Changelog Subscribe

Let your customers subscribe to your changelog and get all the updates in their inbox directly.