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You want to make sure to get optimal results from Quora.
 But still, you shouldn’t waste hours searching for the question with the best stats.

That’s where Find Better Questions comes in

A tool for marketers on Quora, it makes sure to get optimal results from Quora without wasting hours searching for the questions with the best stats.

It helps you find the optimal questions to answer by providing statistics about relevant questions in order to receive more views and thus a higher return on your invested time.

With 15M+ questions, you’ll need some help prioritizing them

Quora wasn’t designed for marketers. Finding the questions that will generate traffic is a ton of work! What if we do it for you?

Level up your Quora Marketing

Comparing the stats of hundreds of Quora questions is a pain. Since no one can handle that many browser tabs, it’s best to create a spreadsheet. But that still takes hours.

You could ask an assistant to do it for you, or let Find Better Questions do the magic, 100% automatically.

Create a List – Give the tool a reference point on Quora and it will create a list of questions based on the URL you fed it.

Select the Best Questions – Once finished, you can view a table with the stats of each question and only answer the ones that will generate the most traffic.

Get Find Better Questions on Quora!

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