FixyTrade is an online trading journal that enables you to track, analyze, and optimize your trading goals without having to worry about any stress. More

As an investor, tracking your trades to find profitable strategies can become a confusing mess. (“All I know for sure is headaches are up 19.2%.”)

Most trading platforms only give simple performance KPIs, forcing active traders to track, analyze, and find a trading edge with complex spreadsheets or handwritten trading logs.

If only there was a tool that could handle all the nitty gritty details, so you could focus on actually hitting your trading goals.

Find your edge with FixyTrade.

FixyTrade is an online trading journal that helps you track, analyze, and optimize your trading goals stress-free.

With FixyTrade, you can hit the ground running and import your trades from your broker, saving yourself hours of manual data entry.

Track trades on all financial markets, including Forex, stocks, indexes, crypto, and commodities. You can even leave a note on each trade, so nothing falls through the cracks!

You’ll also be able to view daily transactions, profits, and losses right from FixyTrade’s highly intuitive calendar.

Figuring out how to reach your trading goals shouldn’t feel like an impossible math problem. (“If two trains leave the station at the same time, how much money have I made?”)

Lucky for you, FixyTrade helps you synchronize trades from your brokerage, track profits, and assess your strategies against your goals, so you can stay on track.

Get lifetime access to FixyTrade today!

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