Flow is a powerful motion design tool that lets you create anything from beautiful animations to add content and promo videos. More

Much like your Tamagotchi on that tragic day in 1999, the designs on your page are looking a little static and lifeless.

You’d love to create eye-catching animations, but you don’t have the time or patience to scour YouTube videos on how to use a complex motion graphic tool.

Meet the powerful motion design solution that offers everything you need to finetune your creative vision—without the steep learning curve.

Go with the Flow.

Flow is a powerful motion design tool that lets you create anything from beautiful animations to ad content and promo videos.

There’s nothing better than a design tool that blends both simplicity and power. (“Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”)

And that’s exactly what you get when you use Flow to create beautiful animations with ease without missing a single detail.

Flow’s sleek UI draws from some of the best design tools out there

The magic begins in Flow’s timeline. (A much better kind of magic than making a plane disappear.)

When you move objects on the stage, the timeline tracks the changes you make and generates animations on the fly. No need to create static, complex, cumbersome keyframes!

Animation parameters are easy to change—simply select the layer, position the playhead, and change a property.

Flow makes it easy to export movies, GIFs, and animated PNGs that are ready to use!

Flow is built for production, allowing you to convert all your animation code for a variety of formats, including web, iOS, and Lottie.

For the web, Flow combines CSS, SVG, and Javascript-based web animations code—a cutting-edge approach to native animations in the browser.

For iOS, the tool blends UIKit and Core Animation written in modern Swift for clean animations that are fully compatible with any iOS device.

Easily export code for iOS (Swift), Web (HTML/CSS/JS) or SVG, and watch your designs come to life!

If you’ve ever spent way too long on a site because of its mesmerizing animations, you’d know the power of great motion design. (“The taco bounces when I hover over it!”)

Beautiful launch, onboarding, and button animations? That’s just scratching the surface.

With Flow, you’ll get all of the above and more for stunning signature animations that take your product to the next level.

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