Flows is a tool, that instantly amplifies the meeting facilitation skills for more efficient and engaging meetings. You can use Flows for both Online and Offline Meetings. More

Meetings should be fun, productive, smartly planned, facilitated, and executed.

However, most commonly, meetings are often unproductive and boring if not planned smartly. But, to plan it smartly, you need to spend unnecessary time and resources which doesn’t make sense.

Instead, you should use that one smart software that would improve the value offered, productive quality, and supercharge your meeting and co-working session skills. Let us tell you how!

Flows – A Virtual Planning and Facilitation Assistant for your meetings. Now plan and run your meetings like an expert facilitator.

Flows is a tool, that instantly amplifies the meeting facilitation skills for more efficient and engaging meetings. With Flow, you can and run your workshop, co-working sessions, meeting |like an expert facilitator

You can use Flows for both Online and Offline Meetings – When you have to facilitate online meetings, or hybrid ones (some people online, some present), then is even harder to keep the whole group connected. With Flows, it is so much easier to do that, since you can easily grab everyone’s attention and present visually, what is going on at the moment.

Faster planning

Reuse parts of your meetings you have already done and perfected over time and use premade blocks from Flows’ library.

Better structured meeting 

Know how much time you have for each section of the meeting. Reach a detailed and time-boxed agenda and use Flows’ planning helpers to reach a well-structured meeting.

Better meeting content

Use Flows’ block templates and library of meeting methods as your toolbox. Unlock your team’s potential with the most suitable methods for each occasion.

Intuitive meeting planner

Flows’ give you a meeting planner, that implements a workshop planning framework it has tested with hundreds of design thinking workshops.

Stick to the agenda and reach the goals

Know exactly where you are with the agenda, ahead or behind. Connect the team with the agenda, so they work together with you to stick to it.

The team that’s focused and stays on topic

Show the current activity and instructions: everyone will know what the team is currently focusing on.

Show how much time is left for that particular activity or block on the agenda.

Facilitation dashboard

This dashboard controls the show. You, the facilitator, can use it to:

  • Constantly check the agenda
  • Mark different points “done”
  • Observe time
  • Start the timer
  • Show instructions to participants.

Participant dashboard

You can use only the facilitation dashboard, but if you want, Flows’ has a dedicated dashboard for participants also. Here they can:

  • See the agenda
  • See the progress
  • See instructions for the activities
  • See the timer

Automated activity timer

If you have set time for the planned activity, you can quickly start a timer with the planned time.

Increased speed and flow of your meeting

Show how much time is left for different parts or activities. Use a timeboxed structure and a built-in timer.

Integrate with your Workflows and use the Flows’ dashboards next to the apps you use

The way Flows works is that during the meeting or workshop, both you and the participants open a dedicated dashboard. Then you all resize your other windows so both windows would be simultaneously visible.