FluentCRM allows you to manage your leads and customers, email campaigns, automated email sequencing, marketing funnels, learner and affiliate management, and monitor user activities and many more. More

Automating your business has never been easier.

Install this plugin and put your WordPress on autopilot in less than 15 minutes!

Manage Mass Email Campaigns

Email marketing offers the highest ROI. And with FluentCRM’s email campaign manager, you will be able to mass email campaigns for greater conversion rates.

Our simplified CRM will help you master email marketing like a pro!

360° User Overview

A robust customer data platform is vital to creating a successful marketing campaign.

Whether it’s a glance over a customer’s profile or tracking their purchase history data, FluentCRM presents them in easy biteable sizes, allowing you to have eyes everywhere.

Automatic Email Sequences

Don’t waste your time creating email funnels every time you have a new contact.

With FluentCRM’s automatic email sequences, you’ll have a universal contact onboarding option at your disposal. Never miss out on a contact conversion with the onboarding email sequence!

Conversion Funnel Automation

You want to turn your subscribers into paying customers and sell more products to existing ones.

How will it help you achieve these conversion goals with its digital marketing funnel? You’ll find out here.

CRM Reports and Analytics

CRM reports and analytics are crucial to implementing an effective marketing campaign.

It presents neat analytics of your every campaign, funnel, sequence, and user activity. After all, data complements the best marketing campaigns.

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