lets you create subscription forms with options for various delivery channels and content filters to increase repeat traffic. More

Site traffic shouldn’t be a one-way street where visitors stop by for a second and then zoom off forever. (Y’all come back now, ya hear?)

Even with great content, your site somehow just isn’t the place to be—yet.

It’s time for a solution that optimizes every step in the funnel to make people come back to your website.


Give visitors the heads-up that they can subscribe to your awesome content with a subscription form. gives you a custom subscription form builder with eye-catching icons ready for prime site locations.

Build an engaging subscription form to snag new subscribers and keep the content flowing!

Once visitors smash that subscribe button like a content-hungry Hulk, they can customize notifications in no time.

Subscribers can choose their own filters to tailor content updates to their liking!

Followers can also choose how to receive updates through the output channels feature.

Followers can choose their delivery channels, including emails, news page, and RSS feeds! also features detailed analytics to ensure that you’re able to keep improving your processes.

You’ll discover advanced stats on followers that separate subscribers by channel to see where your audience is.

Detailed statistics show you which channels subscribers prefer, plus how many return to your site

You can’t personally serenade every visitor with “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5 when they leave your site (definitely keep that one in your pocket for karaoke though).

But you can let them sign up for notifications on their own terms, boosting the chances that they’ll stick with you and your excellent content.

Use and let all your visitors find their way back home in a jiffy.

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