Discover FormPress, the open-source, feature-packed online form builder. It is designed to streamline data collection and optimize user experience. More

Create, customize, and integrate powerful forms with ease using our open-source platform.

Introducing FormPress, the ultimate lightweight form builder.

Discover FormPress, the open-source, feature-packed online form builder. It is designed to streamline data collection and optimize user experience.

Create tailor-made forms for your business, organization, or personal needs with our easy-to-use interface.

Simple and ultra-fast form-builder

Open Source: Customize and innovate with our collaborative platform, empowering you to build the perfect forms.

Lightweight: Enjoy fast-loading forms, ensuring a smooth user experience and increased engagement.

Feature-Rich: Conditionals, theme selectors, templates, and quizzes – It has it all.

Integrations: Seamlessly connect with Google Sheets, Google Drive, and webhooks for efficient data collection.

Custom Themes: Select from our library or create your own to make your forms align with your brand.

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