Friend Remover is a Chrome extension that helps you to scan your Facebook post and finds you the active or inactive friends who engage with your post. More

Have you ever noticed that the number of likes, comments and shares on your Facebook post is not up to your expectations?

Have you ever wondered who are those people who engage with your posts but do not interact with other posts by you or your friends?

Let me introduce you to the Friend Remover extension.

With the help of the Friend Remover Chrome extension, you can scan your Facebook posts and find out which of your friends are active or inactive who engage with your posts.

It is possible to select the users you wish to delete later on, and you can delete them with just a few clicks after that. There is nothing complicated about it, it is just so simple.

In addition, you can whitelist friends that you do not want to be removed from your friends list at any time in the future.

There is no time to waste.

Get the Friend remover Lifetime Deal today!

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