Frontly is a business platform that lets you create simple and powerful web applications without the need to write code. More

With Frontly, you can build a web app for your SaaS or marketplace startup company.

With just a Google Sheet, Airtable, or custom API server, you canΒ launch a fully functional web appΒ withΒ no code required… in just a matter of hours.

Turn your Google Sheet or Airtable base into a modern web app in minutes.

It makes apps beautiful by default!

With a slick modern interface and presets designed to make apps look great right out of the box, Frontly helps bring your vision to fruition on both mobile and desktop.

Add Modules

Modules are the basic building blocks of a Frontly app, like Tables and Forms.

Connect Your Data

Sync with your spreadsheets, Airtable or custom API in seconds.

Style & Publish

Add your branding, customize pages and deploy your new custom tool.

Have a particular style in mind?

Let Frontly help you actualize it!