FullSession is a visitor tracking platform – it allows you to understand how your visitors are engaging with your content, analyze the most relevant data, and create meaningful customer experiences. More

Are you one of those who think more traffic = more sales?

Wait, don’t… All you need to know is what your customers see when they navigate through your website.

If you know why your customers are leaving your site without buying anything from you, it’s easier for you to fix/improve things, right?

Say hello to FullSession

FullSession is an innovative visitor tracking platform that helps you understand how your customers interact with your website, analyze important data, and create meaningful customer experiences.

FullSession is the innovative visitor tracking platform

Add the FullSession snippet to your website header directly or via Google Tag Manager and check your website (don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes…)

Create segments with advanced filters like email ID, browser, OS, IP address, clicked text (coming soon), referral URL, etc. to view your website visitors’ activities in multiple groups.

Easy-to-use dashboard that provides an overview of important data

From the Sessions list on your Segment dashboard, you can check any of the Session replays including the average time on-page, total time on pages, clicks, moves & scrolls

With FullSession, you can easily skip the inactivity, scroll the timeline of sessions (of both online users and previously visited users) to spot pain points, bugs & issues.

From the Insights tab, you can understand the user engagement and check KPIs such as % of sessions on Mobile Devices, Average Page Load Speed, etc. This also includes negative metrics like Dead Clicks, Error Clicks & Top Rage Click pages

View interactive heat maps for a specific period and know the clicks, visits, scrolls, etc. happened in multiple devices.

With real-time heat maps, you can monitor the performance of every page in your website, understand the UX complexity and find out the elements that attract attention of your users

Create feedback widgets to get real-time incoming feedback

Create feedback widgets to get inbound feedback in real time. You can pretty much specify the look, position on the page, response style (emojis) and questions/information you want to ask your users.

Select the pages you want to collect feedback from, and specify whether you want responses forwarded to an email address.

View your customers’ responses (for each page and by custom user segments) by clicking on a specific widget, and view the session records of people who give low feedback scores (NPS).

A typical FullSession customer pays about $470 annually for the Basic plan with 3,000 monthly sessions.

Now, you can get the same plan with 10,000 monthly sessions and 2 Team Members on a lifetime deal for just $39 (one-time payment)

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