The app is designed to be fit the needs of all the kinds of learners: visual, auditory or verbal. By combining proven memorization techniques and gamification tools. More

Learn English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Italian, or any of the other 25 languages with FunEasyLearn, the world’s most powerful language-learning app.

FunEasyLearn is 1st to market to provide such a wide language variety, and such big courses (11,000 words & phrases).

Well-known for its effective vocabulary training methods, FunEasyLearn has already helped millions of people worldwide.

The app is designed to fit the needs of all kinds of learners: visual, auditory, or verbal. By combining proven memorization techniques and gamification tools,

FunEasyLearn not only keeps you interested and motivated at all times but also makes learning kind of fun. You need less than a month of regular learning, to see how much you can grow.

Get access to 1 of the 34 languages and learn them from your own mother tongue

  • Choose from 320 useful topics: Greetings, Food, Leisure Time, Travelling, Business, and more
  • Master 10 difficulty levels, from a complete beginner to a language pro
  • Play 30 vocabulary games to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • Enjoy intuitive hand-drawn illustrations & GIFs for 4000+ nouns, 800+ adjectives, 700+ verbs, etc.
  • Listen to our high-quality audio files recorded by native-speaking voice actors
  • Improve your pronunciation with our advanced Speech Recognition technology
  • Practice with the Smart Review Manager to never forget what you’ve learned
  • Use the app offline anywhere you go
  • Synchronize your progress across all of the devices you are using

The FunEasyLearn Method

According to a survey carried out within a group of students who were learning Spanish for the 3rd year in a row, learners consider that 80% of successful language learning lies in vocabulary building. FunEasyLearn stands by that idea and relies its entire teaching method on that.

However, FunEasyLearn is more than just a typical vocabulary builder. It’s the most effective one. Not only it provides the richest content on the market (11,000 words & phrases), but also it adjusts to the needs of any type of learner.

The visual, auditory, and verbal learners (who constitute 95% of the world’s population) will accomplish their best results while learning with our app.

So, after just a couple of weeks, you will be able to hold simple, but meaningful conversations with the natives on any topic you choose to learn beforehand. And of course, the more you learn, the better you will get.

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