Gadgit is an all-in-one work management tool for creative freelancers and agencies. It’s the perfect way to manage projects and deliverables in one place. More

Gadgit is a statement of work creation tool and a feature library for freelancers and agencies.

As a freelancer or agency owner you are often building similar features. Gadgit makes it easy to understand your cost to build those features and reference scope & code on the next project.

Contract creation

Create your own templates & reuse items from past contracts.

Digital Signatures

Send a link directly to a clients for them to sign.

Feature Library

Searchable library of every feature your company has built.

Project Dashboard

Easy access to all of your documents and project data.


Create tasks from contract directly into your project management tool of choice.

The best way to sell a project is to learn from past projects and why build the same features from scratch.

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