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Keyword Research Combined With Market Analysis

Let’s find some Golden SEO opportunities in your industry

Multiple Search Methods for Keyword Suggestion

Keyword Research is never just about generating suggestions, but giving best keyword ideas according to your requirement.

  • 10+ Different Search Methods
  • Get Suggestions by Keyword or Competitor Domain
  • Intent Based Suggestion Methods

100k+ Locations and 45+ Languages In One Click

We decided to cover every location and language on the earth – No matter with population of 1 Billion People or 1 Thousand, We’ve the data.

  • From Country to City Level Targeting
  • Get Top Locations based on Your Keyword
  • Realtime Keyword Data For Best Accuracy

Focus on Your Market, Audience & Competitors

It’s never bad idea to understand your audience and competitors before targeting the keyword for maximum reward of your time & money invested.

  • Best Devices You Should Focus On
  • Which are the Questions You Can Answer
  • Top Advertisers You Should Follow

Thousands of Keyword Ideas In One Click

When you’re talking about keyword ideas, It’s never enough. And that’s why we’ve 10+ different suggestion methods to give you most accurate keyword ideas.

  • Most Accurate Data Using Google + Clickstream
  • Best SEO Difficulty Calculation Algorithm
  • 48 Months of Search Trend With Click Metrics

Understand Competitors Ranking On Your Keyword

It’s never possible to win the game, without knowing the people you’re competing with. So, here we go with in-depth analysis of your competitors.

  • Realtime Updated SERP Competitors
  • Better Analysis with List of Available Snippets
  • Powerful Metrics to Understand Competitor Score

Experience the Power of Data

Start your Keyword Research journey with GetKeywords.