Girafi is an ecommerce referral program tool that helps you turn customers into brand ambassadors with referral links they can share and send to their friends. More

Referrals are a big deal when it comes to driving conversions, and creating loyal customers and word-of-mouth is one of the best forms of advertising.

Now, you can create your own eCommerce referral program to start reaching your marketing goals.

Website visitors can share a unique discount link with their friends directly or via Facebook, Twitter Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, and email.

For every purchase through their unique link, the referrer will get a discount, too!

Girafi is a hassle-free way to improve your marketing ROI and cut down on customer acquisition costs.

And it’s not just discount links — referrers can share download links to freebies like ebooks, access to gated content on your site, or an upgrade to a new subscription tier.

Thanks to Girafi, you’ll have your own eCommerce referral program to increase conversions and boost your reach on social media.

Get Girafi today!

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