Create multiple email campaigns and email sequence follow-ups quickly and securely. Go Mail Merge is the most advanced email campaign manager for Gmail. More

Easily automate your cold and marketing emails with the highest deliverability rate possible with Gmail.

Go Mail Merge is the most advanced Mail Merge add-on for Gmail.

Now you can easily and effectively run your entire cold and marketing email campaigns right in Google Workspace.

Why cold emailing with Google Workspace andΒ Go Mail Merge?

  • 43% of all email accounts in the world are Gmail-based accounts that send/receive emails through Google’s “clean” SMTP servers
  • Gmail-to-Gmail emails almost always land in the primary inbox due to Google’s excellent spam control.
  • Have the ability to send personalized and static attachments directly from Google Drive.
  • Perform basic and advanced analytics with the power of Google Sheets.
  • The best security possible thanks to Google’s HIPAA compliant environment.
  • Privacy – Go Mail Merge only keeps track of your personal email address and is fully GDPR compliant.