Gridle is a complete customer management tool that will help you manage leads, proposals, customers, and more. More

Managing clients isn’t a cup of tea.

Did you ever think that having a Client Life Cycle Management software could make your job so easy to handle?

PitchGround presents GRIDLE a complete Client Management tool that would help you manage Leads, Proposals, Clients, Invoicing and Revenues everything under a single roof.

Let’s explore this amazing tool and how you can grow your business faster.

What does Gridle offer you:


Experience Breakthrough Sales Automation

  • Manage Workflows: Set up processes so your sales team always knows what to do next.
  • Sales Pipeline: It shows you the items that need your attention so you never miss an opportunity. You’ll always land on a single, streamlined view of your sales pipeline. It gives clarity and gets your sales team on the same page.

Sales Pipeline

  • Gain Visibility: Take control by getting real-time reports and statuses for all of your team’s Sales Activities.

Lead Notification

  • Visualize clearly as to which potential clients bear the most profits.
  • Get notified and reminded of the next action items for every lead so you don’t miss any opportunity.
  • And more..


Manage your clients from a single place to deliver superior experiences

  • Manage Clients: Add clients and their contacts on the platform with restricted access.
  • Complete History: Find history with a particular client in one place across projects, proposals, and invoices.
  • Client Dashboard: Offer a completely simplified experience for your clients to access proposals, pay invoices and submit tickets on Projects.

Lead Profile

  • Invoices – Don’t ever search your mailbox to search for an invoice again. All of them are available in one place.
  • Proposals – All your proposals along with comments and statuses are available under one tab.
  • Set up Reminders – Create follow up or internal review reminders about clients so all your stakeholders are on the same page.
  • Statements – [Coming Soon] See your invoices and payment history ledger with a client in one tab.

Client Role

  • If you are dealing with different people on client side, set up roles for them. Mention their role so all your stakeholders know which contact is handling what.


Close Sales faster. Create high-impact and beautiful proposals in minutes.

  • Move Quickly: Create Proposals and Contracts in not time with Pre-defined Templates and Items.
  • Enable Team: Centralise Communication with Stakeholders while maintaining Total and Complete Context.
  • Gain Visibility: Take control by getting real-time Reports and Statuses for all of your Team’s Proposals.
  • Templates – Choose from an existing Template library and edit it to your liking. Re-use your templates for amazing speed. Use merge fields to create templates so you don’t have to add information every time.

Proposal Templates

  • Tracking – Know when your clients go through your proposal so you can set up contextual and timely follow-ups.
  • Discussions – Enable comments so you, your team and your client can comment seamlessly.
  • Kanban – Track the statuses of all your proposals on a kanban board so every proposal is on one single screen.


  • Intuitive Editor – Rich HTML editor allows you complete freedom to create the proposal of your liking.
  • Signatures – Get your clients to digitally sign your proposal within the tool so you can get started on the things that matter. Integrate the updates with your email.


Automate Your Finance and Get Paid on Time.

    • Save Time: Automate Tedious Recurring Tasks, from Invoicing Workflows to Payment Reminders.
    • Get Paid Online: Integrate with Online Payment Gateways and enable your clients to clear their Dues Quicker.

.Payment Gateway

  • Gain Visibility: Take control by getting real-time reports and statuses for all of your Outstanding Payments.
  • Efficient Invoicing – Made a sale? Craft and send beautiful and branded invoices within minutes and make a good first impression.
  • Send Estimates – Won a deal? Give your potential customers a rough estimate of pricing, discounts and time to delivery with estimates.

Invoice Stats

  • Track Time – Effortlessly track time and bill your clients based on the hours you spent on their Project with total clarity.
  • Record Expenses – Made expenses on behalf of your clients? Add them in and get reimbursed on time with expense tracker.

Gridle is your all in one tool that would help you manage every detail of your client from the moment they become your potential lead till they pay you for your service.