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Integrate an on-brand referral program onto your site

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Customer Acquisition has never been Easier!

Today, we are going to discuss one of the easiest ways to acquire more customers for your business.

Before that, I have a quick question for you.

  1. On your way to work, you stumble upon an ad, showcasing an offer from a newly opened business in the block
  2. After a while, you hear about the Same Offer from your friend/colleague. Plus, you get extra discounts, when you’re buying through him/her

Which one would you go with? Obviously the second one.

Research says that, you are more inclined to buy something when a friend refers, rather than business advertisements.

That’s the power of “Word of Mouth” marketing.

And when this is topped with additional discounts, the purchase becomes a no brainer.

What if I tell you there is a tool that will help you automate the whole shebang?

It takes less than a minute to set up your GrowSurf campaign, to start getting more customers to your business…

.. or, more subscribers to your newsletter

.. or, more leads for your giveaway campaign

.. or, more signups for your upcoming product launch

or, All of the Above… and much More

That’s the Power of GrowSurf.

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You can set up multiple rewards for a single campaign.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the Top Features of GrowSurf

  • Customizable Design – Style the GrowSurf campaign and embedded elements to match your website’s branding
  • Manual/Offline Referral – If your referral trigger is an action that happens offline, you can manually trigger a referral at the click of a button
  • Set Referral Credit Window – When someone visits your website via a friend’s referral link, they’ll have a certain amount of time to perform an action that triggers a referral that credits their referrer with referral credit. You can adjust this expiration window
  • Fraud Protection – GrowSurf’s ironclad anti-fraud system will identify suspicious participants and let you review and disqualify them, or completely block fraudsters (Thor, pass me that Ban hammer.. Now)
  • Advanced Analytics – View campaign performance, conversion rates, and channel performance to understand the effectiveness of your referral campaign
  • Landing Pages – Each one of your GrowSurf campaigns comes with a dedicated landing page for your referral program
  • Powerful Integrations – GrowSurf offers a complete integration toolkit that includes JS Web API, REST API, Webhooks, Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot (and many more coming your way)
  • Automated Email Marketing – GrowSurf does all the heavy lifting to promote your campaign and automatically emails new participants with their unique referral link, notifies winners, and sends monthly reminders.In other words, you don’t have to worry about constantly reminding your referrals to keep bringing new customers 😉

Regular customers are paying $66/mo, for just 2 campaigns & 5K participants.

You are a part of the SaaS Mantra family, i.e., you don’t have to pay the same.

We worked with GrowSurf team to bring in a Very Special Offer for you.

Today, you only need to pay $69/lifetime for 5 campaigns & 10,000 participants.

And this includes all the features, including the Live chat support. Plus, the upcoming features of GrowSurf.


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