A WordPress plugin that lets you create a guided selling experience for your customers. You can create a step-by-step wizzard for your customers that they will never forget! More

Create a beautiful guided selling experience for your customers and help them find the right products on your WordPress site.

If you are running a WordPress site or WooCommerce store, the biggest problem is to know what your customer is searching for at every exact moment.

What should you show to your customer after he or she enters your landing page?

A.) A grid of all categories? (Hmm.. maybe he/she does not know which category to select…)

B.) A nice long text that explains all of your products? (OMG, we all hate reading!!)

C.) An interactive guide that asks the customer a few questions and then shows perfectly-matched products for them? (YEAHH!! That’s it!)

Think about going to a clothing store to buy a new shirt or pants. The salesman asks you about your size, your favorite colors, your favorite cut, etc.

Treat the customers of your website the same way by using the GuidePlugin.