Gyana delivers the power of data analytics in a visual interface. Build repeatable workflows and dashboards with all your data. More

Data drives your work, from spreadsheets to key metrics and analytics.

But when that data is haphazardly spread across a dozen tools and apps, it’s like having to constantly find your car keys before you can go anywhere. (“In the freezer? Again? Really?”)

Looking for a better way to consolidate your data sources, build dashboards, and share reports with clients?

Here comes Gyana.

Gyana is a code-free data platform that makes it easy to integrate your tools, work with data, and build dashboards in a visual interface!

You can use Gyana to create a single source of truth for all the data that powers your business.

With over 37 integrations, Gyana allows you to pull data from your files, apps, and databases.

Connect data in just a few clicks from sources like Asana, Facebook, Excel, HubSpot, MailChimp, Salesforce, Shopify, and more.

Plus, you’ll get full access to the raw data from all your tools, which is always up-to-date with the latest information.

You shouldn’t have to learn SQL just to work with data. Gyana makes it easy to get started automating everything with workflows.

The drag-and-drop visual workflow editor lets you put workflow nodes onto the canvas and connect them together.

Automate anything a spreadsheet does, including formulas for key metrics, like lifetime value and acquisition cost.

You can even duplicate workflows to use as templates, so you only have to build your analysis pipeline once and then tweak it for future projects.

Accessing your data no longer has to involve 50 open browser tabs and 30 minutes of head-scratching. (That’s what the conspiracy theories subreddit is for.)

Gyana makes it easy to gather all your data into one place, plus build workflows and dashboards, so you can actually put it to good use!

Your data should work for you.