Through anonymous surveys, Happy Team measures the level of happiness within your work team. More

Built for managers and leaders to ensure their organization is seen and heard.

At Happy Team, we believe an organization’s employees should hold greater value than the product of their output, and that happy employees are those that not only feel seen but heard. We’ve seen many companies fail here, and the ones that are trying, we think, can do better.

When it comes to team member’s well-being, we often see orgs deploy anonymous quarterly surveys to get a pulse. These can be helpful but we believe the insights are coming too late.

With Happy Team, you’ll be able to capture a team member’s happiness score through single-response anonymous email surveys (sent out daily or weekly – it’s up to you).

We then crunch the numbers and display them elegantly through visual graphs in your team dashboard – giving you and your team members insight by day, week, department, and more.

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