Make the first impression count! With Helppier, you can engage your customers the second they login to your app. Create interactive user guides, and in-app messages. More

From acquiring new users to onboarding them, there’s plenty of time you will spend for every new user who signs up to your product.

Needless to mention that you could get tired of answering the same, simple questions over & over.

How about you save time, and focus on the most important thing? i.e., acquiring new users

All you need is an easier way to communicate with your customers + automate the onboarding process.

Welcome your users

You can add a funny gif, or a personalized video to increase your engagement rate from Day #1.

Canva Integration

Create beautiful images with Canva & pull them into your guides built with Helppier.

Automate your Customer Support

Create Mini tutorials, Walkthrough videos, Contextual tool-tips, and show them when your users are navigating through your product.

Increase your Retention Rate

Build tutorials and show your users how to get started with your existing and new features.

Assist as & when needed

With Helppier you can create multi-page tours, to guide your users to navigate your product in one go.

Detailed Analytics

You can keep track of the views of your in-app messages and see the best-performing ones.

Increase your User Engagement

See where your users are spending most of their time, with the stats of the best performing user guides.

Multi-language Support

You can translate your user guides & in-app messages to 65 different languages, with Helppier.

Bring your team together

Invite your teammates to work with you to understand your customers better.