Hot Prospector’s cloud-based phone system gives you the tools you need to get the most out of your inbound and outbound call center campaigns – so you can focus on closing deals. More

Dialing prospects may sound like a cinch, but when you get more than a few calls a day, life becomes complicated. (“You’re so predictable, it’s like you’re on a schedule.”) You need to enter lead information, start dialing with one click and switch between leads with one click.

Your time is precious, and when every second counts, you want a dialer that does what you need it to do without complicating your life.

Introducing Hot Prospector

Hot Prospector automatically calls up to 5 leads at the same time and when one of your clients picks up the phone, the system ends the call for the other numbers.

Hot Prospector brings up prescheduled callbacks, delivers prerecorded voicemails, displays local caller ID, and drops off follow-up emails. Yes, it does all that with a click of your mouse. (“It’s like turning anyone into a superpower.”)

Hot Prospector makes it easy, so you can phone 50 to 300 times per hour. You can manually dial numbers with Hot Prospector, but you don’t need to focus totally on dialing. You can focus on the work you enjoy doing most – speaking with prospects and closing deals.

Complete Phone System

Whether it be handling a rush of inbound calls or cranking out outbound sales calls, our phone system has you covered.

Voicemail Drop

Take advantage of a game-changing ability to reach your prospects with “ringless voicemails.”

SMS Marketer

Imagine having all the same marketing capabilities as email, but through the immediacy of text messaging! You have exactly that with our SMS Marketer.

Multi-faceted Mass Emailer

Enjoy the flexibility of our full-featured Mass Emailer. Everything you have ever needed or wanted in an email service is at your fingertips.

Organization and Monitoring

If you are building up your sales team, you need to be able to organize them by skills and responsibilities.

CRM API & Integrations

Hot prospector integrates with many commonly used tools, making it easy for you and your employees to move contacts between platforms.

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