Reddit Marketing Made Easy! Targeted cold emails, but for Reddit. Howitzer is the most capable Reddit automation tool out there.

Reddit Marketing Made Easy!

What can I do with Howitzer?

Idea Validation

  • Validate your ideas before you start building them.
  • Get direct feedback from your potential customers on Reddit.
  • Reddit is huge! There’s a subreddit for almost every industry and niche.

Get your first 50/100/1000 customers

Everyday, 500M+ people on Reddit are talking about their pain points, asking for solutions, resources and product recommendations.

Someone out there is asking for your business too. They just don’t know you exist yet!

Access your competitors’ unhappy customers

You’re building a much better, cheaper and faster competitor to RobinHood, and you don’t know how to find your customers?

Using Howitzer’s sentiment analysis, we found 55K+ people on Reddit, who talked negative about RobinHood in the last 6 months.

Fresh and unique Growth Hacking channel

You are a growth hacker that’s looking for new and unique marketing, outreach and user acquisition channels?

Howitzer is the real deal for you! Fresh, unique, and still unutilized!

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