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Tired of trying to find out why your users do not convert and going through hoops in your entire marketing stack just to find the insights you need?

If only there was a tool that could show the highlights of your users’ journeys on the website while also providing you with useful tools such as heatmaps and session recordings

Now, there is.

Introducing: Hubalz.

See journeys of individual users

Hubalz shows you session recordings, journeys, and journey highlights for each user.

With our powerful AI noise filtering feature, we filter out unnecessary actions that have no importance so you only get to focus on the most important data.

We track every page, click, form, and scroll automatically with our tracking script without using any cookies so you don’t need to write any code to define actions.

Focus on the highlights with AI

With AI-assisted features like Automated Highlights and Aggregated Journeys, you will always find the actionable insights you are looking for quickly.

Visualize dropoffs with visual funnels

Hubalz lets you create visual funnels — right from your dashboard — and lets you easily see dropoffs.

You can also run A/B tests with our integrated A/B testing tool to see the difference in conversion rate across multiple versions of your website.

So, what are you still waiting for?

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