Seamlessly Interact With Your Team Within A Single Workspace By Adding All Your Apps Including Team Chat, Emails, Calendars, Project Management Tools, and More! More

Software is the core of every business but you cannot just work with one software. For every workflow you want to execute, you will need a software for it and here comes multiple software in the picture.

Swiping and shifting between all the apps and tabs simultaneously is not only a waste of time but also lower down your productivity.

Now how great it will be when you can combine and put all these apps into a single workspace — letting you save time and increasing your productivity at the same time without any distraction. You can focus more on your business and its growth.

Meet Hubblu

Hubblu is a distraction-free workspace having all your work apps in one place. Contact your team, answer your customers, share ideas with your team, attend meetings, create to-dos while attending meetings and much more. All this without having to minimize your work window.

Seamlessly navigate between all your favorite team chat, emails, calendars, and project management tools in just 1-Click. Increase your productivity and save up to 40% more time without the hassle of switching.

Hubblu lets you combine all your apps into a single workspace. You can switch to any app you want within your single workspace letting you enjoy a distraction-free work environment. It eliminates all clutter so you get straight to your work.

With Hubblu, you won’t miss any appointments through Hubblu’s task scheduler, which not just reminds you, but also opens that work app at the scheduled time.

Easy to use

The interface is user-friendly and lets you easily switch between apps with just one click.

ONE Master Password

Break-free from the hassle of repeatedly putting a password on each app. Now quickly login to all apps with one master password.

Distraction Free

Saves time by being a distraction-free workspace having all your work apps in one place.

Seamless Communication

Interact with your team, share ideas, and communicate all the while working on your projects distraction-free.


Hubblu is Cross Platform Compatible and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms

The Dark Mode

We care about your health, so we added ‘Dark Mode” so that Hubblu doesn’t hurt your eyes. The best part? You just need 1-click to activate dark mode across all your work apps.

Join your meetings 

With Hubblu, you can join your meetings or start a new meeting. Just with the click of a button without having to leave Hubblu

Powerful Task Scheduler for the “doers”

Much more than a to-do list. Using Hubblu, get reminded about tasks on time, create a work schedule, and take break in the middle of work. When you schedule a task (for e.g. “to check emails”), then Hubblu app will send you a reminder and even opens your “emails” app on time.

No more missed meetings/appointments with Hubblu

Create a Work Schedule as “recurring tasks” for the tasks that you repeat every day. For example, you can create a recurring task to check your email at 5PM every day, and Hubblu will do that job for you.

Share you work

With just the click of a button, you can share your work with your team and get on-spot feedback.

Take a Coffee Break

Hubblu also gives you a “break” feature that reminds you to take a small break at regular intervals.


Hubblu integrates with more than 50+ apps including team chat, emails, meeting software, project management, and calendars with just a click on your desktop.