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Statistics say that 50% of a campaign’s engagement is fake.

What does your campaign audience look like?

If you don’t have an answer for this yet??

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For each influencer, we are showing 2 perspectives:

Insights have 2 levels of access:

  • Public​ to discover engagement rate or to find out if your tracked influencer it’s part of a comment pod.
  • Private​ to discover all data about his audience and content. The access is made by 3 click rule custom authorization request (with all your agency details, like logo, name, or URL).

Monitor stats and adapt during campaigns

Data is presented in different campaign states:

  • Before – Discover into influencer’s data and choose the best strategy for the content.
  • During – Analyze the overview.
  • After – Find out how the campaign went and how it can be improved.

Advanced authorization system eases interaction between your agency and influencers

Influencers data is visualized in a public state, which shows the essentials.

For advanced access, a request can be sent to owner of the account to free the locked data.

The authorization system follows the 3-click rule, so the process is plain and simple.

Customize email and authorization page

You are able to add a custom name and logo for the email and the authorization page.

The authorization experience should be unique and simple.

Dashboard and in-depth report

You can further analyze posts and stories one by one and reveal the most important insights about it, such as:

  • Rating – proprietary formula that tells you if a post or story goes outstanding or goes wrong
  • Achievements – discover which of your posts are the most liked, saved or disputed.