Imdone is a simple kanban board designed for people who work with code and markdown markup. More

Imdone is a simple and powerful kanban board for people who work with markdown and code.

Blocks of markdown in your notes, docs, and code are represented as cards on your kanban boards.

You can add and edit cards using the built-in card editor or your favorite text/markdown editor, making it very convenient to update your tasks while you’re working on a markdown document or code.


  • Add & edit cards using the built in card editor or your favorite text/markdown editor
  • Scan your project directory for TODO comments & place them on your board
  • Organize your cards by dragging them on the board
  • Open your editor to the source of a card by clicking the link icon on a card or pressing Cmdor Ctrl + O when a card is selected
  • Quickly add cards by clicking “Add a card”
  • Use your favorite text editor: Atom, VS Code, system editor, or custom command
  • Add due dates & times to your cards
  • Determine the color of a card by setting a card color filter
  • Use a bunch of awesome keyboard shortcuts for your convenience
  • Keep your code clean by moving completed TODO comment cards to the DONE column, filtering your board with list=DONE, & clicking the delete button

This app also enables you to organize your comments, get work, and add cards lightning fast!