INBOX lets you easily create and send personalized marketing emails and newsletters for all your brands. More

Sure, you could painstakingly craft every email campaign and newsletter by hand. (“Finished the Thanksgiving email just in time… for Christmas!”)

Or you could pay someone else to create emails you may like.

How about a third, much better option: using a platform that automates email marketing across brands, with easy personalization, attractive designs, and valuable analytics.

Check your INBOX.

Your emails are about to get a big design boost with the drag-and-drop editor, INBOXBrush.

Create and automate tailored email marketing campaigns

This user-friendly interface lets you quickly build newsletters without touching a line of code.

You’ll have complete control over formatting with options to add images, buttons, menus, social media links, and more.

Email marketing doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality for quantity. (But we’ll take pure quantity when it comes to Oreos—even the off-brand ones are good).

It takes all of your brands and houses them under one roof, letting you create and send great emails without the hassle.

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