Incentivit is an easy-to-use software that allows you to launch a referral program in minutes. It handles referrals, rewards and analytics for you, so you can get back to doing what you love. More

Referral marketing is a powerful aspect of marketing your business but is underrated. Not only does it help acquire new customers but also increases brand awareness.

Build the perfect referral program and increase the ROI for your business by using Incentivit.

A powerful referral platform that comes with everything you need to boost your referral marketing and grow your customer base.

Incentivit is an easy-to-use software that allows you to launch a referral program in minutes. It handles referrals, rewards and analytics for you, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Incentivit is a simple yet powerful referral program software that helps online and offline businesses acquire new customers using referral marketing.

Its service includes all the required technology and mechanisms to ease the sharing process with your customers.

  • Emails contacts importer
  • Social sharing capabilities
  • Email invites

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Fully customizable – Configure your referral program through an easy and simple configuration tool, and personalize many parameters such as rewards, images, texts, email templates, and more.

Fully automated – Automated referral tracking, email notifications including enrollment, rewards, and reminders. Easily manage referrals and ambassadors.

Norms compliant – Make sure you acquire your new customer’s email legitimately. Its system integrates all mechanisms to make sure you collect emails following the CAN-SPAM Act’s requirements.

Multiple Program Types – Select from different types of referral programs such as double-sided or single-sided reward, milestone reward, engagement reward, or sweepstakes.

Mobile Compatible – Referral programs work perfectly on desktops as well as on mobile devices such as tablets on smartphones.

Ambassador Profile – Each of your clients can become an ambassador and get their own account through which they have access to all the tools they need to refer new clients.

Social Shares – Your ambassadors can easily share via multiple social networks using pre-defined posts and messages.

Contacts Importer – Your ambassadors can easily import their Outlook or Gmail contacts and quickly share in a few clicks with hundreds of people.

Personal Link – Each of your ambassadors gets their own sharing link that they can share with their friends and relatives.

Statistics – Your ambassadors continually know the status of their referral efforts, such as accumulated rewards, the number of converted referrals, and more.

Email Invitation – Your ambassadors can invite their friends by email and can see the email that will be sent to them.

Refer-A-Friend Via Email – Participants can refer friends via email by typing in email addresses and sending invites.

Analytics – Get detailed customer referral program analytics including invites filtered by referral programs. Identify most influential referrers and track data to the individual customer level.

Fraud Detection – Automatic fraud detection system enabled on every program which can be disabled and/or enabled anytime.

The system detects suspicious behavior, like multiple entries from the same IP address.

Pick a Winner – When running a referral program in the form of a sweepstake, our system will allow you to randomly draw winners.

Award Bonus Entries – Define how many bonus entries people can earn for sharing and performing social actions.

What are the benefits of using Incentivit?

  • Features and ease of use
  • Grow your business on autopilot
  • Automatically engage with ambassador via email
  • Shared contest to offer a big prize value for a fraction of the prize value
  • Easy step by step wizard referral program configuration

Reward your customers for telling their friends about your business!

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