An anonymous feedback space where your team already works. Incognito for Slack helps you get honesty from your team through anonymous feedback and polls directly in Slack. More

It can be difficult for team members to share their true thoughts and opinions with leadership.

Incognito for Slack helps you

  • Encourage open and honest feedback
  • Empower your team by valuing their input
  • Spotlight common issues quickly
  • Enable the voices of passive employees
  • Level the playing field for all team members
  • Reward the most helpful users anonymously

Features include:

  • Your team can use this command to submit anonymous feedback into a private
  • Create an anonymous poll in any channel of your choosing
  • Display the number of users and submissions including feedback ranking
  • Receive all feedback data in a file via Slack
  • Send a thanks or reward to the anonymous user that submitted the most helpful feedback.