Infinity is a tool with enough flexibility to let you organize anything. Best of all, you can customize completely! More

Infinity’s a tool with enough flexibility to let you organize anything.

You can view your data through four different views: Kanban, List, Calendar, and Table.

And, what’s better, you can fully customize your data with 15 custom attributes.

Flexible and customizable work management tool to help you organize everything in one place and get more done.

Organize Everything In One Place

Slider Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Calendar – Manage your content ideas, social media channels, clients, important dates and campaigns all in one place.

Project Tracker – Divide your projects into small steps that are easy to track and monitor and assign responsibilities to your team.

Growth Experiments – Powerful and flexible place where you’ll be able to note, plan, track and analyze your growth experiments.

Event Planning – Keep tabs on all things necessary for preparing and executing an event, from scheduling to budget and team roles.

Marketing Campaign – Define, plan and track your marketing campaigns in one place and make sure they run smoothly throughout.

Habit Tracker – Motivate yourself to stick with positive habits. Easily track your progress and be kind to your body and mind.

Marketing Agency Client – Track and organize all processes for your marketing agency clients – from big projects to small everyday tasks.

Business Roadmap – Keep track of your business strategies, divided across company departments so everyone knows their role.

Workout Planner – Plan and track your exercise sessions, track your progress and achieve better results with your workouts.

Finances Tracker – Easily keep track of all your income sources and your expenses, and how it all adds up at the end of each month.

Sales CRM – Keep track of all the important aspects of a sales pipeline – leads, opportunities, meeting dates, contacts, etc.

Marketing Management – Coordinate a marketing department – manage tasks, projects, campaigns, SEO, content and marketing channels.

Employee Onboarding – Help your new hires get up to speed and create a standardized onboarding process for all new employees.

And much more…

It’s Easy To Start Building

Create Board

Custom Attributes

Infinity has 15 custom attributes that you can combine to create any type of data.


Multiple Views

Switch between four different views to fit every purpose.


Infinite Structure

Structure your data into a meaningful hierarchy that lets you grow.



Adapt the system to your needs with Infinity’s versatile customization options.



Infinity allows you to collaborate effectively with your team in real time.



Import your data easily or link your favorite apps with Infinity.


Web & Mobile Apps

No matter where you are, Infinity stays in sync across all of your devices.


And We Have Ambitious Plans For The Future…

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