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Influence is a social proof notification tool that helps you instantly boost conversion rates.

Increase conversion rate by 17% using social proof.

Show how popular your offers are by displaying recent customer activity and more.

With Influence, you’ll be able to use social proof to your advantage by showcasing all the live visitors on your website.

It’s basically the difference between making your website look like the brunch spot with a line around the block or the sad empty diner.

Influence Review


Pros: This is a great social proof app and I like the ease of use and the functionality. It was very easy to install.

Basically install a pixel and the app shows a green dot to show you are live.

From there you just setup the different popups like visitors, someone bought your product etc.

Here you can set this in many ways, setup when you want this to kick in etc.

Once these are set, you are off and running. Overall a good experience.

Cons: The interface could use some freshen up and the developer are aware of it and will be working on that.

Other than that I have no other issues, it just works

Overall: Overall, a fantastic app and well worth it.

The highlight is the support offered.

Live chat is very quick and they are very courteous and they have the time and patience to walk you through.

I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to boost social proof as it has helped my site quite a bit.

Raaj M. - Managing Director

Very promising app


Pros: New player in the space of sales live widget. Very motivated team.

Promising product.

Cons: Still a young app.

Less features than the competition

Overall: Good impression.

The team seems very motivated to build a good product.

We will see how far it goes!

Raphaël C. - Growth Lead APAC


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