InMoat lets you take control of your inbox by managing incoming emails based on your priorities. Maintain focus, take back time, and be more productive. More

Take back control of your inbox!

InMoat lets you select the types of emails that are important to you so that you never miss a beat!

Smart Filters that you select will always be prioritized and sent to your Inbox.

Introducing Trusted Contacts

Emails from within your organization such as your boss & colleagues are always going to be prioritized by default. It lets you keep your Trusted Contact list up-to-date so that you can ensure your VIP list of contacts is always prioritized in your inbox.

Your @InMoat Folder

Review the not-so-urgent & less-important emails when it is convenient for you β€” so you’re not wasting time in the middle of your workflow. Review all of your other emails in your @InMoat folder to be reviewed whenever you want.

Your InMoat Dashboard

Keep your inbox up-to-date by managing your email priorities from your dashboard. Review your suggested contacts to add to your Trusted list, update your Trusted Contacts, & update your Smart Filter selection.